Badass sister folk band T Sisters just wrapped up an awesome set of shows at Tractor and Green Frog in Bellingham before heading out to Douglas Fir with Giraffe Dodgers tonight and the Wild Rivers Music Festival in Brookings on Sunday. We had a chance to learn a little more about what makes them so darn great.

1. Who are you? What’s your favorite sandwich?

TS: We are the T Sisters, a vocally driven roots music group from Oakland, CA. Bring on the pork
belly sandwiches with some pickled stuff on there are these girls are stoked.

2. What got you into music?

TS: Music has always been a big part of our lives. We come from a musical family. Our dad is a musician who plays guitar, piano and writes great songs. We started singing together from an early age.

3. What have you been listening to recently? 

TS: There is a great vocal group out of Canada called Chic Gamine whom we love. Anais Mitchell is amazing and always a go to and sometimes we annoy the rest of our band by playing songs from the Broadway musical Newsies…or the theme song from Frozen.

4. “Sassy sister folk” is probably the best genre ever. What’s the most ridiculous thing that’s happened during a show/while touring?

TS: We were playing a benefit in Bend that was dedicated to a couple of kayakers who had passed away. We had been playing for a while and had run out of raucous tunes so we decided for our encore to sing an a’ Capella tune and dedicate it to the folks who had passed. One of the hosts of the event was still in full party mode and quite drunk. He continued to hoot holler and started stripping off his clothes during the song. It was pretty incongruous and funny.

5. Describe your dream tour.

TS:  On our dream tour we would have an upgraded vehicle, perhaps a luxury bus and a chef. The shows would be sold out and we would have some days off to explore. Location would be…hmmm….Hawaii, Europe, South America. We want to go everywhere so it doesn’t really matter where.

6. Anything else you’d like us to know about?

TS: We have a great band that we travel with including our upright bass player Steve Height and our mandolin/guitar player Andy Allen-Fahlander. We love to do band outdoor activities like hiking, swimming etc. so we’re excited to head back to the beautiful Pacific Northwest!

Recap: T Sisters are super rad and worth following. Check them out

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