Hey, you. Go to this show.Really, it will be good. How do I know?

…Full disclosure, one of All Star Opera’s members is my brother. Also, these dudes are great live. Tons of energy. They love performing and they are getting really good at it.

This Thursday (tomorrow!) ASO and their live band will crash Barboza’s intimate stage and you should be there because it’s a great venue for getting to know a new band or a budding group better.

Even if I didn’t know anyone in ASO I would recommend this show for three reasons:

1. Every song they release is better than their last. (Proof here.)

2. Ever live show they play is better than their last. (Proof Thursday at Barboza.)

3. What the hell else do you have better to do? (A good hip hop group with a live band is hard to beat on a Thursday night.)

As always, find me at the show and say what’s upĀ and I’ll buy you a drink. See you tomorrow!

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