More than just a blog, “No Cover Seattle” gives Seattle Showgoers the ultimate music geek experience.

You want interviews? Got em. How about a rundown of the best shows to see in your town this weekend? Got it. You wanna read about random old albums from rad local bands most people haven’t heard of but TOTALLY changed our lives? We got that too. Social commentary on the music industry? Yep.

Not only do we have it all, we want to share it all with you. We love live music in this incredible, weird, gloomy, bright city and we want to help you fall in love with it (all over again).

We look forward to sharing life-altering performances, tall boys, deep personal conversations sparked by music, outstanding bands we’ve never heard of before and drunken late-night meals with you all. See you out there!


Jeff Osborn

Shannon Toomey

Jesse Stuckey


Got some stuff you wanna talk to us about? Holler below, we’d love to hear from you!

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