Three Amazing Music Websites

Three Amazing Music Websites

A few months ago Apple said that Beats Music was the best streaming music platform when they bought it for 3 bill. Beats might be great, but we think there are a TON of super rad online music sites – not just for streaming, but for community, relationship building, and monetizing for artists.

One of our staff favorites, Songza, was just acquired by Google. A fine purchase by the all-seeing, all-knowing G monster, though a sad one since it had been previously ad free.

In addition to Songza, here are three of our favorite music-based websites. They are clever, cool, and excellent at doing what we care about most: Bringing music and art directly to fans. Here they are:


Why we love it: Patreon makes crowd funding for online content creators reasonable for fans by allowing them to tip their favorite artists on a regular basis per comic, video, song, or other smaller piece of content. Many artists have turned monthly pennies from YouTube ad revenue into an annual income using Patreon. It’s best for bloggers and YouTube pros who already have a following. We can’t wait to see where this young company goes!

2. Dash Radio

Why we love it: We only recently discovered Dash Radio, and we dig it so far. Especially the Odd Future channel. While we’re not sure how Dash plans to make money, we love that they have pledged to keep the internet radio company free and ad free. Their dedication to music and keeping the fun, soul, and art in online radio made us instant fans.

3. Rabbl

Why we love it: It’s super simple and super perfect. It’s so simple we can’t be alone in thinking we should have thought of it. But we didn’t. Instead, we bow down to those that did. Rabbl basically allows fans to pick their own shows by pledging to buy tickets. This model means that venues, artists, and fans all win in the rare and super-coveted triple win. Artists get to play a show for paying fans, venues get to host a show they know will be a money-maker, and fans get to see the bands they want where they want. It’s stupid awesome and all live music fans and bands are highly recommended to try it out.

A Drink for the Kids (and Vera!)

A Drink for the Kids (and Vera!)

In case you needed an excuse to go out this week for a drink: I have your answer! Our pals at Vera are putting on 4 nights at 4 different bars so you can help them out via drinks! It’s simple: order a drink made with 3 Howls Distillery whiskey, Tito’s Vodka, or Ninkasi Brewing Beer and 100% of the proceeds go towards Vera Project. Don’t worry, there’s not even a strict time frame here, just after 6pm until close at each bar. If you want to learn more about what Vera does and what your money would be going to, I highly recommend checking them out and going to one of their shows!

June 18th: The Neighbor Lady

Hint: You can park in the bank parking lot next door to avoid street parking, and yes, it’s the perfect stop for before/after our featured show this week of Emby Alexander and Pony Homie at Lo-Fi or head into Belltown to catch Another Perfect Crime, Spider and the Webs, and Bleachbear at The Crocodile.

June 19th: Linda’s Tavern

Just up the street you can catch C Rayz Walz with Scarub of Living Legends at Barboza that night!

June 20th: Redwood

That night at El Corazon is Wussy, Jake Marsh Trio, and Poeina & The Lucid Dreamers. This is bound to be an awesome show with everything from a Janis Joplin-sounding woman who’s inspired by northwest hip-hop to unique blends of spirtuality and swagger. I’m pretty sure Redwood somehow fits into all of those categories.

June 21st: The Comet Tavern

Across the street at Neumos that night is Cashmere Cat, CUSTOMS DJs D’Nelski, Hojo, and Tony Snark. I can’t help but try to promote a night headlined by a lady DJ, because there’s just not enough of them out there!

If you end up at one of these events, tweet me or send me your IGs @shannont311 and let’s cheers to Vera and great Seattle music!

Amazing Seattle – A Transplant’s Perspective

Amazing Seattle – A Transplant’s Perspective

Shannon Toomey, Showgo’s newest contributor, shares her thoughts on why Seattle’s music scene is so special!

Hi everyone! Let’s get this intro business over with real quick so I can jump right into why I’m here. I’m Shannon Toomey, and I’m thrilled to get started writing pieces for the Showgo blog. While I’m not a Seattle native, I’m a Pacific Northwesterner at heart. I grew up in the glorious southeastern part of Washington, migrated to Bellingham in the opposite corner for school, lived in Florida for a hot second before realizing that there was no other choice but to come home to the PNW and land in Seattle.

Let’s acknowledge that Seattle has legitimately everything a music nerd like me would ever want. There’s a venue and at least five bands for every size, feel, and genre you’re interested in. My love of music and live shows started in the world of alternative pop-punk in high school, moved towards indie coffee shop music in college, and has somehow now expanded to include hip hop and electronic everything. Every single music need I could ever have is more than satisfied in this one city. As an avid concert-goer, I will never get over that I can go to a singer-songwriter night in Ballard on Monday, a national-touring headliner at The Showbox on Wednesday, and end the week getting really sweaty dancing to a DJ set at Neumos. As a musician myself, I love the culture of music that is insanely present here.

Case in point: last week I attended the solo show for Galen Disston (Pickwick), Tim Wilson (Ivan and Alyosha), Mychal Cohen (Campfire Ok) and Ben Doerr (St. Paul de Vence) at Tractor Tavern. Here’s four frontmen of standard Seattle bands who can fill any space with their incredible sound, and they have the ability to continue playing singer-songwriter shows for maybe 200 people on a tiny stage. These guys sell out shows and have killer voices and songs, and yet there they are being visibly vulnerable to perform their music in an intimate setting. How awesome is Seattle for establishing a community and scene like that?

As for an upcoming show that I’m stoked for, Manatee Commune’s CD release party with Cuff Lynx and Soffos at Neumos on April 23rd! These dudes create seriously magical sounds and put on consistently insane live sets. I have no doubts that I’ll be surrounded by equally ecstatic fans ready to dance their face off. See you there?