Three Amazing Music Websites

Three Amazing Music Websites

A few months ago Apple said that Beats Music was the best streaming music platform when they bought it for 3 bill. Beats might be great, but we think there are a TON of super rad online music sites – not just for streaming, but for community, relationship building, and monetizing for artists.

One of our staff favorites, Songza, was just acquired by Google. A fine purchase by the all-seeing, all-knowing G monster, though a sad one since it had been previously ad free.

In addition to Songza, here are three of our favorite music-based websites. They are clever, cool, and excellent at doing what we care about most: Bringing music and art directly to fans. Here they are:


Why we love it: Patreon makes crowd funding for online content creators reasonable for fans by allowing them to tip their favorite artists on a regular basis per comic, video, song, or other smaller piece of content. Many artists have turned monthly pennies from YouTube ad revenue into an annual income using Patreon. It’s best for bloggers and YouTube pros who already have a following. We can’t wait to see where this young company goes!

2. Dash Radio

Why we love it: We only recently discovered Dash Radio, and we dig it so far. Especially the Odd Future channel. While we’re not sure how Dash plans to make money, we love that they have pledged to keep the internet radio company free and ad free. Their dedication to music and keeping the fun, soul, and art in online radio made us instant fans.

3. Rabbl

Why we love it: It’s super simple and super perfect. It’s so simple we can’t be alone in thinking we should have thought of it. But we didn’t. Instead, we bow down to those that did. Rabbl basically allows fans to pick their own shows by pledging to buy tickets. This model means that venues, artists, and fans all win in the rare and super-coveted triple win. Artists get to play a show for paying fans, venues get to host a show they know will be a money-maker, and fans get to see the bands they want where they want. It’s stupid awesome and all live music fans and bands are highly recommended to try it out.

Who Run the (EDM) World?

Who Run the (EDM) World?

Hard to believe it’s mid-September already and Decibel Festival is right around the corner. As an EDM-junkie myself, I can’t help but get butterflies in my stomach thinking about some of the artists playing The Town this year.

I’ve started going to a lot more electronic shows in the past year, and one thing I’ve noticed is the lack of a female presence in the artists. That’s not to say that there’s no female presence, because I feel like it’s becoming more and more common to have a female vocalist or vocal sample featured, but where’s the lady DJs?

Unfortunately the only females DJ I’ve heard about recently are the “model DJs” getting exposed as button-pushers. Now, I’m sure this happens just as frequently with male DJs, but those stories don’t seem to be as prominent. If I call myself a fan and still can’t name 5 female DJs, something’s up. Don’t get me wrong, I’m always going to be a big fan of the velvety vocals in EDM, but at what point does it become no different than having a cute girl on your album cover? There’s even been a shift towards highlighting female artists in other genres, hip-hop being a great example. The representation is getting better with more room to grow, always, if there’s at least a couple mainstream artists getting through.

All that being said, below is a playlist of some awesome lady artists at Decibel festival this year. There’s a mix of vocalists, features, and DJs/producers. I also recommend reading this article about some of the most powerful women in EDM (even though it’s a year old!)

If there’s some awesome ladies killin the scene that I don’t know about, PLEASE send them my way at @shannont311 I would love to listen!

What is Showgo and How Does It Work?

What is Showgo and How Does It Work?

Maybe you love (like, LOVE!) live music and want to see and hear it all. Or maybe you’ve hosted visitors from out of town and been pegged with finding them an amazing live music experience. Either way, you know how much research can go into something as simple as finding a show to go to Friday night and we think you’ll like what we’re doing with Showgo.

Whether you’re always looking for the next incredible live show or you only need to find shows for friends every once in a while, we’re building Showgo for you.

Below is a quick overview of what Showgo is and how it works. Check it out, explore local artists playing near you, and let us know what you think!

What is Showgo?

Showgo is a small group of friends who believe there is a better way to discover unforgettable live music experiences. We believe artists should be able to reach their fans more easily and effectively online, and finding new artists to enjoy live should be fun, not a chore.

We’re creating an online community for people who love live music. We started Showgo to make finding incredible live music experiences nearby easier. We’re live in Seattle and working on expanding to cities while developing mobile apps and more artist tools.

How does it work?

We list upcoming shows on our show map, currently set only for Seattle.

Select a day of the week you want to find a show on.

Once you’ve picked a day, browse shows by clicking the pink markers on the map.

OK, you’ve got a show picked out. The show details are now visible, including venue, address, and bands performing.

Click bands to see other upcoming shows and follow them.

Most importantly, you can listen to full tracks and add them to shareable playlists or play them one at a time while you browse.

You’ve just uncovered full lineups you can listen to all in one place!

You might love a band or want to skip ’em, but all these shows are easy to share and come back to. You didn’t have to go to each band’s website or Facebook or MySpace, and you didn’t have to visit a ton of different event calendars. #Progress.

Whether you found a new venue, a new band, or several new bands, you found something new and special in minutes – and that’s Showgo!

Amazing Seattle – A Transplant’s Perspective

Amazing Seattle – A Transplant’s Perspective

Shannon Toomey, Showgo’s newest contributor, shares her thoughts on why Seattle’s music scene is so special!

Hi everyone! Let’s get this intro business over with real quick so I can jump right into why I’m here. I’m Shannon Toomey, and I’m thrilled to get started writing pieces for the Showgo blog. While I’m not a Seattle native, I’m a Pacific Northwesterner at heart. I grew up in the glorious southeastern part of Washington, migrated to Bellingham in the opposite corner for school, lived in Florida for a hot second before realizing that there was no other choice but to come home to the PNW and land in Seattle.

Let’s acknowledge that Seattle has legitimately everything a music nerd like me would ever want. There’s a venue and at least five bands for every size, feel, and genre you’re interested in. My love of music and live shows started in the world of alternative pop-punk in high school, moved towards indie coffee shop music in college, and has somehow now expanded to include hip hop and electronic everything. Every single music need I could ever have is more than satisfied in this one city. As an avid concert-goer, I will never get over that I can go to a singer-songwriter night in Ballard on Monday, a national-touring headliner at The Showbox on Wednesday, and end the week getting really sweaty dancing to a DJ set at Neumos. As a musician myself, I love the culture of music that is insanely present here.

Case in point: last week I attended the solo show for Galen Disston (Pickwick), Tim Wilson (Ivan and Alyosha), Mychal Cohen (Campfire Ok) and Ben Doerr (St. Paul de Vence) at Tractor Tavern. Here’s four frontmen of standard Seattle bands who can fill any space with their incredible sound, and they have the ability to continue playing singer-songwriter shows for maybe 200 people on a tiny stage. These guys sell out shows and have killer voices and songs, and yet there they are being visibly vulnerable to perform their music in an intimate setting. How awesome is Seattle for establishing a community and scene like that?

As for an upcoming show that I’m stoked for, Manatee Commune’s CD release party with Cuff Lynx and Soffos at Neumos on April 23rd! These dudes create seriously magical sounds and put on consistently insane live sets. I have no doubts that I’ll be surrounded by equally ecstatic fans ready to dance their face off. See you there?

Discover Local Music Near You

Discover Local Music Near You

There are hundreds of incredible bands in your backyard that want to play live music for you, but they’re having a hard time getting your attention. Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Tumblr, Bandcamp, Reverb Nation, Spotify, Rhapsody, Songza, GrooveShark and dozens more awesome services help millions discover music. But there is still too much shouting and not enough listening.

Larger social networks have a ton of things going on that have nothing to do with music, which is amazing in so many ways and for so many reasons. But they aren’t necessarily the best for finding new music experiences. We don’t have anything against any of the websites and streaming music services listed above. Heck, we use and love many of them ourselves. We just think it could be easier for fans and bands to find each other.

We’re not here to throw stones while we’re just getting the crystal framing up for our glass house. And we don’t think we’ve cracked a code or that we’re better than anyone. We’re here to help you listen.

Based in Seattle, WA, Showgo is made up of music-lovers who want to bring the live portion of our industry into the 21st century. Finding and attending better-known national and superstar arena acts is easy. But discovering new artists in a live setting can be tiresome and, ultimately, a crapshoot. Considering all of the unbelievable things we use the internet for – sharing world events instantly, the Internet of things, 3D printing, Bitcoin, Craig’s List, the list goes on – it’s surprising to us that local and independent live music isn’t easier to discover and engage with on your first try.

Currently, information is spread all over the place. For example, you can browse upcoming shows in the Seattle area using a variety of websites, but if you want to hear the music of one or all of the bands on a bill, you have to visit their respective web pages (or Facebook pages, or Reverb Nation pages, or Bandcamp pages…). That’s the first problem we’re tackling with Live music fans can visit our website and search upcoming shows using our interactive show map. By selecting the day you and your friends want to go out you can view and listen to music from every band on the bill.

Today is our official “launch,” but we still have a lot of work to do. We’d like to share Showgo all across the country, provide fans with mobile Apps and continue to expand our features. You can sign up for news and updates here to stay in the know and contribute ideas, questions and concerns here.

Thank you for checking us out. We hope you’ll enjoy using Showgo and that we can help you find and go see the amazing live music that’s all around you.

– all of us at Showgo

What is No Cover?

What is No Cover?

Showgo is the first social network for live music. Visit us Check out our beta program to learn more!

“No Cover” lets fans get closer to the essence of live music, while giving musicians and other industry members a voice to talk about live music from their perspective.

More than just a blog, “No Cover” gives Showgoers the ultimate music geek experience. All with a local, community-driven approach.

You want interviews? Got em. How about a rundown of the best shows to see in your town this weekend? Got it. You wanna read about random old albums from rad local bands most people haven’t heard of but TOTALLY changed our lives? We got that too. Social commentary on the music industry? Yep.

We’re in the process of moving “No Cover” over from it’s old home. Check it out while it’s still live for pieces authored by musicians, interviews focused on live music from the performer’s perspective and unique voices from the live music industry. All new pieces will appear here, with an initial focus on our hometown, Seattle.

Thank you for checking us out and we hope you’ll stay in touch!