Every Tuesday we hit you where it feels good with a list of shows we’re excited to see over the next five days. Then, Stuck puts the cherry on top with a post dedicated to a #TGIM show on the sixth day.

It’s like this post is the tee to Stuck’s five year-old tee ball batter. Hope he’s got his batting helmet on.

Anyway, it’s mid-May already you guys. Shit’s real. 


Tuesday, May 12

Susan Galbraith, Zarni & Nick Drummond @ The Triple Door

You probably have dinner plans, but if you don’t chill out downtown. You’ve had a rough week. Put your feet up and relax. You’ve earned it, slugger.

Wednesday, May 13

Less Than Jake & Reel Big Fish @ The Showbox

I can’t keep suggesting EVERY Prom Queen show. If I could I’d tell you to go to Sunset tonight. Lucky for us all there’s a 90’s nostalgia throw down with Less Than Jake and Reel Big Fish. Both Stuck and 13 year-old Jeff are pretty stoked on this one.

Thursday, May 14

Breaks & Swells, St. Kilda & Boots on the Moon @ Barboza

Barboza is great for local bands that have transcended the High Dive and are the right size for The Sunset or Nectar, but don’t want to leave Capitol Hill. It’s also great for other swell local bands that just play goo-ass music and don’t give a fuck. Actually, I don’t know if these whether these guys give a fuck or not, or if they turned down other shows. Either way, uh, we should all go check this out.

Friday, May 15

Verbal Tip, Sean Downey & Future Fridays @ The Blue Moon

I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but Sean Downey helped put the Downey in The Fabulous Downey Brothers. At least 1/2 of the total Downeyage. Anyway, the “cool kids” will tell you to go to Capitol Hill or Ballard on Friday nights. They can have ’em. Live music addicts like you and I know that the Blue Moon will always be there for us, even after Capitol Hill has become Planet of the Bros and Ballard has been taken over by the Stepford Wives of Bellevue.

Also Friday, SEACATS are performing a play they wrote at Hollow Earth Radio. This would be the suggested show, but I don’t know if they are going to sing songs, play video games or roll around on a pile of burgers. It’s going to be memorable no matter what happens, so you should go 🙂

Saturday, May 16

Fly Moon Royalty, Tangerine & Snuff Redux @ Barboza

No offense to Barboza, but I wish I didn’t have to recommend two shows there in one week. Generally speaking I try to mix it up more, but when a show is going to be awesome it’s my job to tell the people. This one will have dancing, ridiculously heartfelt singing and a high probability of me having a good time but complaining about the plastic pint glasses anyway.

Sunday, May 17

Sharkie, Murmurs, Bad Future & Dead Bars @ Chop Suey

This is the Lord’s day. She would want you to witness radness and help kill the keg at Chop Suey. Go forth, my sons and daughters and killest doth keg.

Monday, May 18

??? @ ???

Tune in Monday for Stuck’s weekly #TGIM show. Until then, “PEACE OUT SUCKAS!

*photo by



Every Tuesday we’re hitting you where it feels good with a list of shows we’re excited to see over the next six days. These are the final days of April, people. Act accordingly. 


Tuesday, April 28

Fat Joe, Leezy Soprano w/ Tribal Order Ft. Bingx, Shorte & Atomatic, Latin Rose and DJ Indica Jones @ Nectar Lounge

The cramped lineup suggests Fat Joe could be a dud live at this stage in his, uh, career. But I’m the gambling type and $25 seems like a steal for a chance to lean back with the BMI impaired don. But, if Joe isn’t able to deliver, locals Leezy Soprano and DJ Indica Jones are worth the cover on their own.

Wednesday, April 29

The Moondoggies, Deap Sea Diver & Shelby Earl @ The Tractor

*Note: This is a benefit show and it’s sold out. That’s freaking awesome – well, done guys! Now, for those of you without tickets, read what I have to say below and find a way to get in. That’s an order.

I suggest a lot of Tractor shows. This could be because I have a boner for the Tractor (I’ll neither confirm, nor deny this) or because the Tractor has been consistently putting together all-city lineups. Or both. Whatever the case, go to Ballard on Wednesday and yell loudest for Shelby Earl, for her warm, enlightened music is deserving of all the love and praise in this cold, dark world.

Thursday, April 30

We Will Be Lions @ Seamonster Lounge

The best things in life are free. This show, for example.

Friday, May 1

Eldridge Gravy & the Court Supreme, Banda Vagos & Operadisiac @ Chop Suey

If you have a chance, prank someone this Friday and then yell out “Maypril fools!” They’ll be befuddled, but it’ll be hilarious. HT to Sam Osborn for inventing Maypril fools, my favorite of the two “Fools” holidays. Oh, and when you’re done with all that, go to Chop Suey to see what it looks like when 87 people get on stage in wacky outfits and play amazing funk music that’s impossible NOT to dance to.

Saturday, May 2

Jake E. Lee’s Red Dragon Cartel, Zero Down, Late September Dogs & Tatarus @ Chop Suey

Ever wondered what kind of man plays guitar with Ozzy Osborne? Find out Saturday while you get close, personal and sweaty with Jake E. Lee. Not sure what his cartel is organized around peddling, but there’s a chance satan could be involved.

Sunday, May 3

Owuor Arunga, Kore Ionz, Otieno Terry, Black Stax & Malice & Mario Sweet @ Neumos

No offense other shows this week, but this is the show I’m most pumped for. Seeing Owuor alone is a reason to lose your shit, but this group sharing a stage at Neumos is BIG for Seattle. Get tickets early and SELL THIS SHIT OUT. For $10 this show is a FUCKING steal. In case I’m not being clear, I love you, but I will be disappointed in each and every one of you if you don’t go to this show. It’ll be filled with outstanding musicianship, terrific performances, soul-filling singing and enough positive vibes to fill a black hole. Love will be in the building Sunday, I hope you will be too.

Monday, May 4

??? @ ???

Tune in Monday for Stuck’s weekly #TGIM show. Until then, “PEACE OUT SUCKAS!



Every Tuesday we’re hitting you where it feels good with a list of shows we’re excited to see over the next six days and this week, Stuck is going to take care of y’all. You see, in the city of Emeralds, the party never dies and the music lover never cries, (unless, in ecstasy). So, chug the latte and sample this buffet more stacked than that Golden Corral you never go to in order to best plan where you’ll be sipping suds and swaying hips.

All Right, Lemme set it up right:

Tuesday, April 21

Sammy Adams & Adam Nystrom @ The Crocodile

You may have seen my interview with Mr. Nystrom, but if you’ve avoided all tweets, retweets, statuses and elbow nudges in public, you can still check it out here. Or better yet, you can catch the man in person with Sammy Adams at the Croc! Last time, Nystrom threw down to a sell out crowd and Sammy sure as hell ain’t no slouch, so you best get there on time!

Wednesday, April 22

Polaris & Scarves Cotillion @ The Crocodile

Yep, you are back in Bell Town tonight, because I’m sure you all got, “See that band that did the theme song to, “The Adventures of Pete & Pete”‘ somewhere in permanent marker on your bucket list. Especially since this band had never actually toured since 2014, but hey if you wish really hard, maybe Danny Tamberelli will show up! Probably not..

Thursday, April 23

Saul Williams, Sons of An Illustrious Father & Haleek Maul @ Chop Suey

Better Ask Saul, because this cat knows what’s up! You’re in for an evening of politically charged poetry with one of the best over at Chop Suey. Setting him up is the indie group Sons of an Illustrious Father and Brooklyn Rapper, Haleek Maul.

Friday, April 24

Rocky Votolato @ Fremont Abbey Arts Center

A lifetime away from seeing this dude front Waxwing at the Kirkland Teen Center, but Rocky’s still out there crafting excellent songs like the best of them. Tonight, He releases “Hospital Handshakes,” over in Fremont so sit by the Canal and enjoy an evening with Rocky.

Saturday, April 25

Agent Orange, The Boss Martians, Expired Logic, In The Whale, & FCON @ The Highline

Yep, I have got rep the band from the 80s LA hardcore scene that’s still alive and kickin’. Agent Orange put their own spin on things by adding in a surf element to their stuff, something shared with locals, The Boss Martians.

Sunday, April 26

Flavr Blue & BleechBear @ The Crocodile

I swear, the Croc is going to have to start doling me out tickets with how much send y’all over there, but hey, it just means they have awesome lineups consistently. The Flavr Blue is a trio featuring producers Joe Parker and Lace Cadence fronted by Hollis Wong-Wear trading in their R&B Hip Hop sensibilities for a synth pop experiment. My DARKHORSE of the week is the pop trio BleachBear, because I’m again in awe of something that sounds beautiful and jealous that I can’t match the talent

Shows worth showing up to April 14 – 20 2015

Shows worth showing up to April 14 – 20 2015

Every Tuesday we’re hitting you where it feels good with a list of shows we’re excited to see over the next six days. It’s not only artisanal, it’s bespoke, sustainable and innovative!

Once again, only superb shows this week. Not Hillary Clinton’s campaign logo superb, but pretty dern good. Get ready to pop a tallboy and talk about all the things you’ll be doing instead of voting a year and a half from now (shame on you, tsk tsk) while kicking it at some killer shows.

OK, here’s what we’ve got:

Tuesday, April 14

Robert Glasper Experiment, Theoretics, and DJ Topspin @ Neumos

As much as you want to go to Ariana Grande, don’t do it. This one is a no brainer if you can get tickets. Seeing the Robert Glasper Experiment when in town should be a reflex by now. Plus, the Theoretics are quietly evolving into something even more special than the super cool and unique caterpillar they were with their two former vocalists. That’s right folks, you have a chance to go watch a butterfly unfold its glorious wings and fly right now. #NoPimping

Wednesday, April 15

Prom Queen @ Barboza

Beat tax day with really (truly) super incredible music + theatrics. Oh, and drinks. Plenty of drinks. (For bonus points, show up to this one prepared by reading our interview with Prom Queen from back in January!)

Thursday, April 16

Mark Lilly @ The Royal Room

Beat the day after tax day with lots of drinks, then go see this David of a local show. Not that I have anything against Goliaths, its just that, well, Mark Lilly is going to lay down the perfect get-ready-for-the-weekend set. I know because I know.

Friday, April 17

Darius Koski and Ryan Davidson @Funhouse Lounge

You haven’t been to the new Funhouse yet? What the fuck?! Well, all sins are forgiven in hell (right before they remove your eyeballs with a white-hot pitchfork), and you beat Satan and his goons to the punch by venturing into the fifth circle at the Funhouse this Friday.

Saturday, April 18

Brothers From Another, Dave B & Ryan Caraveo @ Neumos

This session of “Locals Only,” has you chilled out on The Hill sippin’ suds while the dudes in Brothers from Another drop verses like curses, Dave B kills it and sends it packing in hearses and Ryan Caraveo kicks it off cuz he goes on first-es. Yea, I’m a horrible MC, so do yourself a favor and go see some real ones at Neumos. Aight?

Sunday, April 19

Hip Hatchet, Anna Tivel & Lana McMullen @ Sunset Tavern

So, then you must nightcap your week correctly and take in some of the best PNW singer-songwriters to calm the nerves of week lived haphazardly. Order up something dark, think something deep and get your soul pierced like the septum of a teenager making questionable decisions. Stuck’s Dark Horse for this entire week is Lana McMullen, cuz after a few listens that voice is haunting me something beautiful.

Monday, April 20

Dama Budtenders Ball featuring Polythrhythmics, The Funk Hunters & Chali 2na @ Nectar Lounge

If I don’t need to explain to you what HasF stands for, then get your funky ass out to the funkiest show on the day that state legislation extended the privileges of to the remaining 364. The Polyrhythmics have horns that knock the Tower of Power sideways ala Pisa, and The Funk Hunters steady the sound system better than Geek Squad. Bump, Sweat and Grind until you need to take a smoke break, eh?

Still want more? Good thing we’ve got this playlist of highlights from this list for ya!

Did I miss any shows that I shouldn’t have missed? Let me know in the comments!

saturday artists: Brothers from Another, Dave B & Ryan Caraveo @ Neumos.
sunday artists: Hip Hatchet, Anna Tivel, & Laura McMullen @ Sunset Tavern
monday artists: Polyrhythmics & The Funk Hunters (ft. Chali 2na) @ Nectar Lounge

Shows worth showing up to April 7 – 13 2015–

Shows worth showing up to April 7 – 13 2015–

Every Tuesday we’re hitting you where it feels good with a list of shows we’re excited to see over the next six days. It’s not only artisanal, it’s bespoke, sustainable and innovative!

Once again, only dope shows this week. As Meat Loaf says, “I’ll do anything for love, but I won’t do that” (the “that” is obviously “miss out on dope shows”). Once again, we’re helping you avoid that awkward moment where your boo wants you to do something instead of going to a dope show and you have to say: “Baby, I love you, baby. But I won’t do that, baby.”

Instead, take him/her/them out to one of these shows/concerts/excuses for debauchery. To quote another, lesser known, Meat Loaf lyric: “Thou shalt not only go to dope shows.”

OK, here’s what we’ve got:

Tuesday, April 7

Bobby Bare Jr., Gabe Mintz and Kevin Murphy of the Moondoggies @ The Sunset

Don’t worry, Bobby isn’t really a bear. And if he were, he’d be the snuggly teddy kind.

Wednesday, April 8

Jim Sisko’s Bellevue College Jazz Orchestra @ Tula’s

Don’t worry, Jim’s orchestra isn’t really a bear. Also, it’s time for a quick history lesson: None of the trendy, hipster, hip-hoppy, EDM shit we all love would exist without Jazz. Show some mother fucking respect and see some live Jazz once in a while. Or don’t. Whatever.

Thursday, April 9

The Classic Crime, Megosh, Hearts Like Lions, Hidden History, CON @ Nectar Lounge

Holy shit there’s a lot of great shows tonight! But don’t go to any of those if you can go to this one. (Of course, if you can’t go to this one or don’t want to, go to some of those other ones – they’re really fucking good).

Friday, April 10

Black Giraffe, Rough People, and The Environment @ Skylark


Khingz, Massiah, Fatal Lucciauno, Yirim Seck and Kimmortal @ Lo-Fi

Two shows tonight. One is hip hop and one isn’t. If you allocate your resources wisely you should be able to check out both. Though, you can’t be blamed for getting wasted at the first show and hunkering the fuck down. It’s Friday after all, gosh darn it.

Saturday, April 11

The Burns, Jaguar Paw and The Chasers @ Darrell’s Tavern

This is the official/unofficial Rat City Rollergirls after party. That alone is reason to venture North, not to mention Jaguar Paw snagging one of the few legit band names remaining and paying punk I love to boot.

Sunday, April 12

Home Slice w/ Romaro Franceswa, 96, Astro King Phoenix and Vaughn Illa @ The Crocodile Back Bar

Romaro Franceswa is one of my PNW hip hop favorites, but 96 is a new, low key supergroup made up of Def Dee, Kung Foo Grip and LA.  WT Fuck. That’s an insane group of young talent. See how it comes together while eating pizza (not the street variety you dined on Saturday and Sunday, the real kind), drinking beer and vibing out in the cozy Crocodile Back Bar.

Monday, April 13

Allen Stone and Maiah Manser @ The Triple Door

Allen Stone with Maiah Manser is sold out. There’s a whole bunch of Allen Stone shows coming up, but this was your chance to see Maiah before she blows the fuck up by the end of this year or early next. Triple Door isn’t small, but compared to the venues she’ll be playing 12-18 months from now, it’s downright intimate. Face it, you blew it. However, this one is worth scalping if you can get a good price right before the show.

May you enjoy Fantasy A levels of positivity and love this week!

*Photo by Inspiration Images

Still want more? Good thing we’ve got this playlist of highlights from this list for ya!

Did I miss any shows that I shouldn’t have missed? Let me know in the comments!

The Onlies – Part 1

The Onlies – Part 1

The Onlies at Sound Off! 2014

This Saturday I’ll be at Town Hall, most likely getting my mind blown by The Onlies. Their album release show, produced by Tristan Clarridge (Crooked Still, Bee Eaters), will be a night of original and traditional fiddle-driven music, with Celtic, old-time American, and Canadian roots. I love all of those things. I listened to the track they sent us, thought it sounded amazing, did the next-normal task of checking their website…

Oh hey, they’re all in high school. When they say they’ve been playing together since the age of 2, they’re not kidding. As students from Garfield High School, they’ve been in the music world longer than I have. Safe to say I was incredibly intrigued by this trio and can’t wait to see what they have to show on Saturday. Tickets are still available here, with a show recap coming next week!

Shows worth showing up to March 31 – April 6 2015

Shows worth showing up to March 31 – April 6 2015

Every Tuesday we’re hitting you where it feels good with a list of shows we’re excited to see over the next six days. It’s not only artisanal, it’s bespoke, sustainable and innovative!  To be sure, there are a WHOLE BUNCH of other really cool fucking shows that you should try to go to. In other words, be there or be this guy:


Here’s what we’ve got:

Tuesday, March 31

Antaeus, Drawn And Quartered, and Ritual Necromancy @ Highline

This is your last chance to do awesome shit in March. Go hard.

Wednesday, April 1

Keven Seconds @ El Corazon

Not as hard as a typical Corazon show, if you can’t see, or for some silly reason don’t want to see, The Sonics in Ballard, heading over to Eastlake is a great Seconds option.

Thursday, April 2

Natural Killers, Twinsmith and ALKI @ Conor Byrne

Gladys Knight is at The Snoqualmie Casino and The Sonics play at The Moore Theater (if you can’t get a ticket, make sure to go to Sonic Boom Records in Ballard April 1 for a free signing/meet-and-greet). There’s also the Timber! launch party. Solid shows, for sure. But I’m recommending a band called ALKI I saw at an open mic in Columbia City last week instead. They’re well worth a trip to Ballard to see again. They play guitars hard and passionately sing good songs. The singer has a glorious beard, fit for an honorary lordship in the kingdom of Ballard.

Friday, April 3

Songs for Charlotte w/ John Roderick, Jefferson AngellCarrie Akre, Chris Ballew, Mike Squires, Kim Virant & Gary Westlake and more @ Chop Suey

Welp, it’s Friday again. Fuck yeah. There’s a boatload of good shows tonight, from Action Bronson at The Neptune (probably sold out by now, or close) to Eldridge Gravy and the Court Supreme at Nectar. But I’ll be at Chop Suey for ‘Songs for Charlotte’, a benefit show for Mike Squires’ mother, who is battling cancer. The cause and the lineup speak to the support, love and community we’re blessed to have surrounding our city’s music scene.

Saturday, April 4

Coho, Planes on Paper, The Pro-Nouns @ Barboza

Walk down some stairs, drink beer from plastic pint glasses and wonder why you haven’t been to more Planes on Paper shows. They’re fucking great. Also, it’s Coho’s EP release party. Supporting them is another fantastic reason to get off your ass and walk down those stairs.

*Planes on Paper is doing a live taping for Band in Seattle April 10 at 6 pm. Tickets here.

Sunday, April 5

Racer sessions @ Cafe Racers

Here’s how ‘Racer Sessions’ are described by Racer: “A weekly curated set of musical performances focusing on experimental and avant-garde jazz. Presented by Tables and Chairs” Sounds pretty great to me. See you there.

Monday, April 6

Hooves and Beak, The Thoughts, Song Sparrow Research @ The Sunset

Lots of bird things happening with these band names. Out of all of my suggestions this week, this is the show with the most bands I’m least familiar with. Still, I’m looking forward to this one and learning what I don’t know. Confused? Good, me too. Like all the time.

Have a charmed, enlightened week!

Did I miss any shows that I shouldn’t have missed? Let me know in the comments!