Four Feet Higher with Laney Jones

Four Feet Higher with Laney Jones

I’ve been asking the same intro question for our Four Feet Higher interviews for over a year, but Laney, who’s in town with her band, Laney Jones and the Spirits , gave the best answer yet.

Check out our conversation (well, interrogation, really) and go see Laney’s Spirits Tuesday (June 30) with Pierce & Thompson, at The Triple Door!

1.Who are you? Where are you from? What’s your favorite sandwich?

Laney Jones: My name is Laney Jones and I am from Mt Dora, Florida which is near Orlando. My favorite sandwich is pizza.

2. What do you like most / least about performing live?

Laney Jones: I really like performing in front of people and having a good time, but sometimes I wish I could “call a mulligan” on a song if it could have gone better. It’s not like in the studio where you can just do another take! 

3. What’s your pre-show ritual?

Laney Jones: I usually try to meet everyone at the venue and remember everyone’s names. Sometimes I write them down on my hand. I think making that conscious effort to get to know everyone you’re working with can make a strange place feel like home. I’m also very OCD about making my cables and pedals on stage very orderly. I like it like that.

4. Is there anything you think about or do while you’re playing a show that would surprise the audience if they knew?

Laney Jones: I’m wearing fake nails to make my banjo sound better.

5. Do you have a favorite recent performance so far? If so, what made it stand out?

Laney Jones: I recently had a great time playing in Wichita, Kansas. There are some wonderful people in that town who stepped up to host us during our time there. We had two shows in one day for their annual River Festival. I had never been to Wichita before, but by the second set I felt like I knew everyone in the crowd. People kept buying me drinks! It was awesome.

6. Besides the Triple Door Musiquarium show, do you have anything you have
coming up that you’d like people to know about?

Laney Jones: My latest single “Work It Out” is available on iTunes, Spotify as well as my website. I’ll be playing a lot of new songs at the show that are more rock and roll than my first two albums. Bring your dancing shoes!

Laney is going to rock your socks off Tuesday, 6/30. But, if you miss her out of fear of losing your socks or any other odd-ball reason, get to know her better on the book of faces and the digital birdcage.

Thank God It’s Monday: Bootsy Collins’ Rubber Band at The Neptune Theater

Thank God It’s Monday: Bootsy Collins’ Rubber Band at The Neptune Theater

A funk legend on bass. I could say a lot more, but I think most of you know the man that is Bootsy Collins and the magic he can perform by smacking the crap out of his bass guitar while being backed by some of the best funk musicians to ever set foot on the stage. This is bucket list material if you want to claim to have seen some of the best players ever to master an instrument, so find your way to the Neptuneand funk it up, my brethren!

Shows Worth Showing Up For: June 9th-14th

Shows Worth Showing Up For: June 9th-14th

Every Tuesday we hit you where it feels good with a list of shows we’re excited to see over the next five days. June is here and soon July, August, etc, until all the kids are back in school and all the adults are making more kids during lunch breaks and sick days. Till then, summer is official and so is this glorious menu of shows, shows and more SHOWS…


Tuesday, June 9

Delta Spirit feat. Jessica Dobson (The Shins/Deep Sea Diver) & Sam Owens @ The Crocodile

San Diego based Indie rock group will hit the Croc with Jessica Dobson and Sam Owens joining the ranks for an evening. Solid way to start a great week of music!

Wednesday, June 10

The Damnwells, Matt Jaffe & The Distractions & The Native Sibling @ Tractor Tavern

A night of good songwriting with full sound via the Damnwells. Matt Jaffe is only 20 has accomplished more in his young career than most people with a decade on him. Locals, The Native Sibling are nice folksy, chill way to start the night!

Thursday, June 11

Arturo Sandoval @ Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley

This Cubano armed with trumpet and a set of ivories has a several night stand down at the Jazz Alley, so get down there on Thursday to enjoy yourself a little kick in the brass and a bit of tickling of the old black and whites.

Friday, June 12

 Haerts, Pickwick & NAVVI @ Neumos

Some chill electronic via Haerts while local Dickensian indie rockers Pickwick and electro Seattleites Navvi kick it off. Seriously, check the Radiohead cover on the playlist by Navvi, it frightens me in the same way that Emelia Clarke showing up in a very black dress and ringing my doorbell at 4:00 AM would.

Saturday, June 13

The Hollowpoints, The Kings, Hellgod & Phasers on Kill @ El Corazon

The Hollowpoints are THE Seattle punk veterans, still pogoing after nearly two decades of existence while The Kings add some much needed punk/ska to the mix, because in my life, there should always be an opportunity to pick it up, pick it up, pick it up!

Sunday, June 14

Caleb and Walter & Ryan Barber with members of The Horde and The Harem @ Sunset Tavern

And then its back over to the Sunset to hear the excellent songwriting of Caleb and Walter, back by Ryan Barber and some of his homies. Grab your Suds, wash your Duds and we’ll do it again Next Week my friends!

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Thank God It’s Monday: Edmonds-Woodway High School Jazz Ensembles @ Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley

Thank God It’s Monday: Edmonds-Woodway High School Jazz Ensembles @ Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley

Yea, school is pretty much out, so go pay some hard earned dollars and a large amount of cred to this group of high schoolers that have achieved quite the list of accolades that comes with being, “One of the best five high school jazz bands,” or so sayeth the Starbucks. Whether or not you go in for the recommendations provided by that green mermaid company, fact is these young in’s can jump, jive and wail, plus they’re keeping alive one of the most essential American musical art forms that has an exclusive seat at the table with Blues. So get to the Alley before 7:30 and enjoy some great Jazz played by a generation that has some youthful exuberance not always seen among the Ellington disciples and Armstrong aficionados. Dig it, Man!

Shows Worth Showing Up For: June 2nd – June 7th

Shows Worth Showing Up For: June 2nd – June 7th

Every Tuesday we hit you where it feels good with a list of shows we’re excited to see over the next five days. June is here and soon July, August, etc, until all the kids are back in school and all the adults are making more kids during lunch breaks and sick days. Till then, summer is official and so is this glorious menu of shows, shows and more SHOWS…


Tuesday, June 2

Dead Meadow, Ephrata & Scott Yoder @ The Crocodile

I could do some staring at the old high tops and luckily, these groups provide the perfect soundtrack to the public introvert’s fish out of water exploits. I’m especially a fan of Ephrata, named after a town in Washington that cracks my top 10 list of places that I would totally live if my wife weren’t so against it and Bothell weren’t so awesome. Strange tangent, sure, but musically this stuff has been haunting my youtube searches alongside groups like Lush and Dinosaur Jr. with triple blended vocals and the perfect amount of fuzz and reverb to make where one guitar ends and the other starts impossible to find.

Wednesday, June 3

Sir Mix-A-Lot, Cataldo, HoboSexual, Ayron Jones, & Ruler @ Neumos

Then we have a night of gigantic derrieres and vagrant sexual orientation on display over at The Glamour & Squalor Premiere Party with you’re hard earned cover charge going to fund SIFF (a good thing!). A rather eclectic for sure, with the lovely Adra Boo of Fly Moon Royalty hosting the event and plenty of good jams to get that posse moving right off Broadway.

Thursday, June 4

Neutral Milk Hotel, Robert Schneider & The Minders @ The Paramount Theatre

Can we get a bit obtuse? Jeff Mangrum and company have a rather Elephant 6 records filled night for you and why the hell wouldn’t you go? It’s one of the few times you can see a guy named Rob Schneider perform something worthwhile and not desperate for an Adam Sandler cameo.

Friday, June 5

The Vonneguts, Strange Lovers & Mirror Ferrari @ The Highline

Sloshed out rock and roll at one Seattle’s most sloshed out venues!

Saturday, June 6

Teenage Bottlerocket, The Copyrights, Loud Eyes and Coyote Bred @ El Corazon

Pop Punk Party! If you love the sound of Lookout Records or miss the melodies of The Exploding Hearts, this is a great lineup for you!

Sunday, June 7

Howie Day & Liz Brennan @ The Tractor Tavern

And of course, we end the week on a more relaxed and reflective night. Yea, you got Howie Day that has that one song that I think was on Dawson’s Creek, or Party of Five, or insert forgettable coming of age drama that people watched religiously in high school or middle school (see playlist). While Liz Brennan wants to do some dancing. Cap it off people, beer in hand and fingers snapping, Stuck will see you in a week, maybe….. 😉

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Thank God It’s Monday: Palma Violets, Public Access TV & Tangerine @ Tractor Tavern

Thank God It’s Monday: Palma Violets, Public Access TV & Tangerine @ Tractor Tavern

It’s been a hectic day of car maintenance and I’m hitting it late, so we will make this short and sweet: Excellent show at the Tractor that features one of our favorites, Tangerine, with some other great bands in Palma Violets and Public Access TV. I could go on for days, but actually, I have to go grab Jimmy Johns before my wife wakes up for night shift, so if you don’t know these groups, get to the Tractor and be ready to be pleasantly surprised by awesomeness!

Abi Grace and the Feral Folk – ‘Hollow’ (Premier)

Abi Grace and the Feral Folk – ‘Hollow’ (Premier)

We’re excited to share brand new music from Abi Grace and the Feral Folk!

Abi Grace recently assembled her Feral Folk, transforming her one-woman wolf pack into a multi-wolf wolf pack. And they will be performing the second day of the “Liberation Through Music and Art Festival” at Uncle Sam’s American Bar and Grill in Spanaway, WA  on June 6th. They’re the first act – doors open at 4pm and you have an hour to down cool beers on what will likely be a hot day before Abi and her folk get on stage at 5. Check out the Liberation Fest for live music and art vendors all both June 5th & 6th.

Abi makes music that is fun, deep and emotional all at once. And Hollow is one of my favorite songs at the moment, and I can’t wait to see where she goes with her new project. We’re proud not just to be the first to share Hollow with you, but to also bring you a little closer to Abi in the form of this rad-ass interview:

1. Who are you? What’s your favorite sandwich?

Abi Grace: Welp, I’m always working on that first question myself, but the basics are: My name is Abi Grace. I’m an overthinking sort, raised by two liberal post modern former ministers. Most of my early exposure to music and poetry was through hymns and the bible, but when I finally was exposed to alternative rock music with all it’s minor chords and melancholy. I was hooked. My favorite sandwich is the Rueben. There’s this place called Spooky’s in the Dalles in Oregon that’s kind on the way to Portland if you’re driving from Yakima. They make a really good one.

2. Until recently, you’ve been primarily a solo artist. What are some of the challenges and some of the high-points in putting a band together?

Abi Grace: The ultimate challenge was finding a band in the first place. I was never really TRYING to be a solo-artist, I’m just the kind of person that says “I’ll just do it myself” if I can’t find people to join me, and then making the best go of it I could.  Finding good bandmates is hard. Not only do they have to gel musically, they have to be people you can spend lots of time with and they have to bring something different to the music then I bring. I tried to start a band for a long time and then I just lucked into these guys.  I started dating Jeff (our bassist), he introduced me to Pat (our drummer) we started out thinking they would just basically be a studio band for me but we were having so much fun and worked so well together we decided to give it a real go.  The wonderful thing about being in a band vs doing solo stuff is the music developers in new ways I wouldn’t have imagined on my own. Everyone brings in different ideas and experiences, and then we kind of play with them until we find something that works. That’s part of why I picked the name Abi Grace and the Feral Folk, the music really isn’t your domestic stock folk-rock.

3. Doing almost anything in front of a room full of people terrifies me. Assuming you like it, what do you like most about getting up on stage and performing for people?

Abi Grace: The thing I  strive for every time I get out of stage is to help people slip out of their every day routines. I want them to leave a show feeling like they were temporarily transported to some place wonderful. I love the challenge of competing with everything else that goes on in a bar: the flirting, the the phones, the games on T.V. and putting together a stage show that kind of triggers that “this is something special and I should pay attention” bell in people’s heads.  If people come up to me with that flush, excited, “I haven’t felt like this in a while” look on their face when we get off stage I know I did good.

4. What’s your pre-show ritual?

Abi Grace: Well there’s vocal warm ups, and pre-set and blah blah blah, but that isn’t really a ritual. I think for me it’s when I’m getting into costume for the show. Since my goal is to be a doorway to the fantastical, I try to put together costumes for each show that kind of blur the lines of normalcy a bit, like not straight out dressing in full renaissance fair garb but trying to dress up enough that people who didn’t know about the show would see me and think “Oh, she kind of reminds me of a wood nymph” or “She looks like she could be in an urban fantasy novel”  There is something about the process of visually changing that lets me become someone boldly passionate and playfully wicked.

5. Is there anything you think about or do while you’re playing a show that would surprise the audience if they knew?

Abi Grace: Every song has these cinematic day dreams I can get kind of lost in, and if on occasion I forget a line or I repeat a verse that’s usually why. I’ll be imagining whatever it was that first inspired the song and then I’ll kind of jolt back to reality like “oh yeah, I’m in front of a lot of people….where was I again”  Also, I’m generally watching people more then I think they realize. I’m looking for the instigators. The people that only need a little gentle shove to start dancing or singing along or anything else that heightens the fun. Bands often talk about how hard it is to get people to dance in Seattle, but I think a big part of it is Seattle’s got a lot of shy people- if you can find the folks that love to have a good time and who are comfortable with a certain amount of attention on them they kind of open that door for everyone else. I try to be that person whenever I go to someone else’s show as well.
6. You’re a Ziibra artist. What do you like the most about Ziibra?

Abi Grace: I love that with Ziibra instead of helping out with one specific project my subscribers get to be a part of EVERYTHING I put out- new songs, music videos, merchandise. Admittedly I’m still getting the hang of having subscribers (specifically having regular deadlines to put things up. I loose track of what day of the month it is often) but I always have new songs and demos and stories to share and it’s nice to have people to share them with.

7. Besides your upcoming show, do you have anything you’re working on that you’d like to share with folks?

Abi Grace: We’ve got a lot brewing right now, but the big upcoming things – there will be a music video for the solo version of my song Sharp Teeth coming out soon. I don’t have a set date, but…soon. The band will be touring to Montana and back in August.  Also, we have a tumbler page, ( where we photo-journal our hiijinks in practice and beyond.

Check out Abi’s new project June 6th in Spanaway and her new song, Hollow, below!